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After Many promises, Slide Fire HAS NOT shipped us any additional inventory. And, it appears that they have no intention of doing so any time in the foreseeable future. 
As such, we have NO product to ship and can not take or process ANY orders.
If you have placed an unfilled order all of your personal and credit card information has been deleted to protect your privacy. We are very sorry about this and wish we had different news. is CLOSED for business.

The Slide Fire Store is now offering the innovative slide fire solution technology that allows the shooter to comfortably, accurately, and safely rapid fire or Slide Fire their weapon.  This bump firing stock is available in an AR bump stock and an AK bump stock.

 With the SSAR-15 Stock fitted on your AR-15, the sliding stock is engaged by maintaining a firm proper shoulder position for the bump stock and then moving the foregrip or gun barrel forward.   The forward movement of the upper receiver/foregrip activates the firing mechanism and allows the discharge of a round, another round will not be discharged, until again, moving the upper assembly or barrel of the weapon forward; This simple technology element allows the shooter to maintain proper shooting position, correction in aiming for each shot, and control of the weapon for the safety of the shooter and others around them, unlike traditional bump firing. 

The term Bump Firing according to Wikipedia, has come to mean any non-mechanical means of firing multiple shots in rapid succession, using the recoil of the weapon. The techniques vary from using a rubber band to hooking your finger in the belt loop of your pants.  Virtually all these techniques are variations of shooting from the hip.  All these techniques greatly degrade the accuracy of the firearm, due to the necessary jerking of the weapon and inability to aim. The techniques trade accurate aimed fire for an increase in the firearm's rate of fire. Bump-firing requires practice and concentration. It is uncommon to "empty the mag" without a stoppage. The inaccuracy, difficulty, and ammunition costs render the practice uncommon.  So says Wiki…… that was before the slide fire solution! 

This slide fire solution technology is a giant leap forward for the recreational shooter and takes the old idea of bump firing to whole new level with options currently available for the AR15 bump fire stock (SSAR-15) and the AK bump fire stock (SSAK-47) to offer speed, accuracy, and safety.

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