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Slide Fire News

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Slide Fire News

How to prevent a broken firing pin when using the Slide Fire Solution SSAR-15:

We have had a recent report of firing pin breakage when using the Slide Fire Solution SSAR-15 with some of the newer AR’s. With help from our friends at Texas Defensive Shooting Academy the cause of the problem has been determined. Many of the new AR’s contain a different design in the hammer, which is the cause of the broken firing pins, when firing with your Slide Fire Solution SSAR-15. These hammers have a sharp notch at the top of the face instead of the traditional rounded top corner.

New Hammer Style                                                                         

AR new hammer style

Traditional Hammer Style

AR traditional hammer style

On the new hammers the sharp edge can catch on the firing pin putting improper pressure on it while firing with your Slide Fire Solution SSAR-15 and causing the firing pin to break. The edge is designed to prevent double taps or a run away with your AR. This is the exact opposite of what you want when using your Slide Fire, bump fire stock on your AR. So if you have the new hammer style in your AR, you need to replace it with a traditional or mil-spec style hammer to prevent damage to your weapon. 

Author Block: 

Keep up with the latest info on bump firing, bump fire, and your Slide Fire Solution SSAR-15 follow us at can provide you with the correct hammer for your AR-15.


You can get a hammer at Brownell’s at the following link:



  1. greg on July 22, 2012 at 4:36 PM said:
    thank you very much...i spoke with you sunday afternoon...i looked at both hammers on both recievers...looks like im good...again thank you for your time on a sunday
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